Churros & Chocolate

We finished our quick little South American tour in the same place we started, Buenos Aires. Like Peru, and maybe even moreso, we know this is a place we’ll be returning to. It’s a major hub that will bring us to some of the other places in the region that we want to visit further. Also though, it’s just a vibrant city with great food, welcoming parks and lots of attractions throughout. No major stories for our time there. We spent a couple days relaxing and touring on foot after some fairly grueling transit. It’s interesting how it’s easiest to procrastinate on posts where you have the least material. That’s the case here, some nice meals and street photography. La Recoleta cemetery in Buenos Aires featured as a large part of one day and was really cool to walk around in. It was almost on par with Pere Lachaise in Paris.

Our next trip will be through a few countries in northeast Africa in a couple of weeks. It’s also gonna be a fairly rushed itinerary, but I’m gonna try to update as we go.

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