Mad Teacup River Tubing

A few suggestions for proper “River Tubing”: minimum water depth of 12 inches, water should be actually flowing, river debris should be minimal. None of these things were true for the tubing on offer in Dominica… so you had this brigade of local dudes shoving this gaggle of sunburned dizzy tourists, flipping them over into rock and stick strewn muddy waters as you traverse through a couple hours of tropical jungle. It managed to be both boring and immensely nauseating. That was the excursion in Dominica though….

As for the island though… it’s raw and wild and beautiful. It’s a lush jungle. It’s the first stop on the cruise that represents an actual independent country, so that in itself was a change. The main difference that seemed to be visible as a brief visitor in that regard was a much more basic infrastructure compared to the prior stops. Other than the river tubing, the excursion also visited a pretty nice waterfall a little further inland. Drone flights weren’t quite as picturesque as the last couple stops.

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