Starting And Ending In Martinique

This was not the usual type of trip, and the blog entries will likely reflect that. I spent a couple weeks on a Caribbean cruise, visiting eight new countries and four territories. I booked with MSC, an Italian cruise line with some very different ports of call from the American lines. To my knowledge, this is the only cruise line with this particular itinerary, allowing you to visit all of the independent countries in this region in a single two-week cruise. The cruise departed from Martinique, a French territory in the Southern Caribbean. I arrived there in the city of Fort de France via a direct flight from Fort Lauderdale.

Martinique is a fine place to relax for a couple days, but I’m not so sure about spending an entire vacation there. There was some time at the beginning and end of the cruise that was basically used to tour the city on foot a bit and get some rest.

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